Organic Grissotti


The Organic Breadsticks Crumble and Healthy

The Grissotti of our Organic Line are crumble breadsticks produced with simple and natural ingredients coming from a certified and controlled supply chain, in full compliance with the European regulations.

The recipe of our Organic Grissotti foresees the exclusive use of high quality organic grains cultivated strictly in Italy, extra virgin olive oil of a unique delicate flavour, also produced from the olives pressing from an organic agriculture (on request, we can produce ORGANIC Grissotti by using EVO oil 100% Made in Italy) and sunflower oil with high content of oleic acid more resistant to the oxidation and with a low content of saturates.

The exclusivity of the raw materials used for the Organic Line of PANDorà, including the Grissotti, are naturally without preservatives, chemical additives, palm oil and GMO.

As a choice, the recipes of the Organic Line do not use yeast (only in case of “classic flavour”), animal fat and other ingredients of animal origin: if you are vegan or vegetarian then our Organic Grissotti should be on your kitchen table!

Organic Oil Breadsticks, Following the Tradition!

Like the Classic Grissotti of Taggia, even the Organic Grissotti are hand-made breadsticks following the ancient recipe of the Ligurian tradition: the dough is equal to the famous Canestrelli of Taggia, a typical bakery product of the Ponente, but the shape is different.

Because of their shape, we should call the Grissotti “Big Breadsticks“.

The extra virgin olive oil with its fragrance gives to our Organic Grissotti a unique taste, meanwhile the hand-stretched process and the long and natural proofing (like it used to be) give to the breadsticks a really special crumbliness and fragrance: when they come out of the oven, the surface is crunchy and golden-brown which remembers the sun rays of Liguria.

Organic Grissotti PANDorà: Organic Crumbly Breadsticks with Olives
Organic Grissotti PANDorà: Organic Cornmeal Breadsticks with Olives
Organic Grissotti: PANDorà Organic Crumbly Breadsticks with Olives

Artisan Breadsticks Tasty and Healthy

Organic Grissotti are perfect because they are healthy and tasty: thanks to accurate selection of the ingredients (only from certified organic agriculture), these oil breadsticks are ideal for a correct and balanced diet, but also for when you want to eat something tasty.

The Organic Grissotti are the perfect alternative for bread, classic breadsticks or crackers: in addition, they are produced with raw materials from the best production.

You can create delicious starters with Organic Grissotti, invent delightful appetizers for your aperitif or enjoy it with soup, cheese and lunch meat.

Also, the Grissotti are delicious when eaten plain as a savoury snack, especially the flavour with olives.


Organic Grissotti Classic, with olives


Plastic tray of 130 gr

All the Delicious Flavours of the Organic PANDorà Grissotti
All the Delicious Flavours of the Organic PANDorà Grissotti

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