Organic Ligurian Ciappe


Organic Ciappe: the Ligurian Ciappe Turn into Organic

The Organic Ligurian Ciappe are not only a tasty and fragrant bakery product but they also have an authentic and harmonic artisanal processing with the quality of highly selected raw material.

For the production of the flagship product, the Ligurian Ciappe, we use exclusively organic certified ingredients.

Our Organic Ciappe, also called Ciappe of Taggia because of the production territory production, are the ideal food for who is focused on a healthy life-style, searching in the meantime the typical taste of Italian tradition.

In fact, all the raw materials used for the realisation of the ciappe are made of organic food processing.

Organic Ligurian Ciappe Made with Selected Organic Grains

As per the PANDorà Organic Range Product, also for the Ciappe we use only the best organic grains, extra virgin olive oil and high oleic sunflower oil which preserve even more from to the oxidation and it has a low content of saturates (a restrict production that can be realised also with extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian).

The Organic product range of PANDorà also claims the range: “no yeast” for all the products (except for the Classic taste).

Furthermore, the products are without palm oil, preservatives, additives, animal fat and any other ingredient of animal origin turning into the perfect vegan and vegetarian food!

PANDorà Organic Ligurian Ciappe Made with Rosemary
PANDorà Organic Ligurian Ciappe Made with Khorasan Flour
PANDorà Organic Ligurian Ciappe Made with Khorasan Flour

The Organic Ciappe Satisfies the Most Demanding Palates

The Organic Ligurian Ciappe are perfect on the table as a bread replacement: very good during a snack in any moment of the day.

They are a delicious snack between meals that can be an accompaniment for ham, chorizo, cheese or jam and honey turning in a pleasant sweet cuddle for the palate!

Flavoursome, crunchy and thin, they are ideal to be served with an aperitif with their unmistakable taste and fragrance creating the perfect twist between an infinity of awesome combinations.

Our organic Ciappe are made following strictly the ancient traditional recipe which only uses simple ingredients like grain flour (strictly Italian and from organic agriculture) and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Other than the classic tastes like rosemary and olives, in the Organic Products Line you can find the Ciappe made with semi-whole flours or spelt flour, durum wheat or Khorasan flour.


Organic Classic Ciappe, with olives, with rosemary, with spelt, made with durum wheat, made with Khorasan flour


Plastic tray of 150 gr

All the Delicious Flavours of the Organic PANDorà Ligurian Ciappe
All the Delicious Flavours of the Organic PANDorà Ligurian Ciappe
PANDorà Organic Ligurian Ciappe Made with Olives

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