The Savoury and Sweet Snacks of PANDorà

To amplify our gamma of salty and sweet Snacks, the food technologists of the Department of Research and Development are creating new delicious recipes.

The ingredients of each recipe are accurately selected and verified with extra attention: our snacks are healthy and, as per all the other PANDorà’s products, the snacks are without palm oil, preservatives and chemical additives.

Are you vegan or vegetarian? No problem: the recipes of our snacks do not contain animal fat or other ingredients of animal origin (an exception for the Focaccia Snack with cheese).

Focaccia Snack

In between the product gamma of PANDorà, there is the delicious Focaccia Snack, the handier version of our crunchy Ligurian Focaccia.

Those delicious little pieces of Focaccia (in Ligurian dialect called “tocchetti”) are ideal for a quick snack because of its small format and its small bag as a package.

You can bring the Focaccia Snack wherever you want thanks to its small size and then enjoy it!

Once the packaging is opened you will radiate the environment with an incredible fragrance and you will find small Focaccia squares of different thickness: it is the artisan process! It creates a small non-homogeneity that makes our “Focaccia Genovese” even more greedy because of its authentic and traditional shape… like our crunchy Focaccia!


Classic crunchy Focaccia, rosemary Focaccia, cheese Focaccia with Parmesan


Bag of 100 gr

Sweet Snack? Try the Monetine PANDorà

To create the Monetine, PANDorà has been inspired by the traditional recipe of the Ligurian “pasta frolla”, a sweet dough made with white wine and olive oil (no butter).

These handy snacks have the great characteristic of being both sweet and salty: the accurate reinterpretation of the recipe allows PANDorà to obtain a perfect product for all tastes!

Do you prefer a savoury snack? Try the Monetine with Parmesan or Rosemary.

You cannot resist the delightfulness of sweetness? Choose the Monetine with sugar or the lemon flavour.


Sweet-salty: classic Monetine, with Parmesan cheese, with rosemary
Sweet: with sugar, with lemon, with caramel


Bag of 200 gr

Ligurian Canestrelli

The Ligurian Canestrelli are a bakery product of unbeatable fragrance and lightness: the low temperature cooking gives to each canestrello an uniform golden-brown colour without affecting their nutritional properties.

The Ligurian Canestrelli are famous in the Riviera dei Fiori (not only) and it is one of the typical products of Valle Argentina.

The Canestrelli are salty snacks, but the Ligurian tradition says that the Canestrelli have to be eaten during breakfast together with milk or coffee: the perfect bakery product for dipping!

But there is no limit on the use of the versatile Canestrelli: be creative with your recipes!


Classic Ligurian Canestrello


Bag of 150 gr

Chickpea Chips

Inspired by the Ligurian tradition, PANDOrà has created the Farinata Chips. The crispy chips with chickpea flour, oven baked, want to be a tasty solution to export a reinterpretation of the typical Ligurian dish around the world.

The Farinata, also known as fainè or fainà (in Ligurian dialect) is a savory pie, prepared with chickpea flour, water, oil, salt and sometimes a sprinkling of black pepper.

You can take the Farinata Chips with you and eat them at any time of the day as soon as you get hungry.

Suitable for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, they are also a healthy snack as a source of protein and high fibre.


Classic Farinata, Garlic and Rosemary


Bag of 100 gr

Tasty and Healthy Taggia's Canestrelli: PANDorà Savory Snacks
Tasty and Healthy Taggia's Canestrelli: PANDorà Savory Snacks

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